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Salsa Breeze 09.02.2020

All Fase Uno tickets are in the hands of our most loyal Breeze fans. But don’t worry, there is a limited amount of Fase Dos tickets available at a price of €27,50 (ex. Fee).

Get your squad together and buy your tickets A H O R A.

Fase Uno — €22,50 (ex. fee) — SOLD OUT
Fase Dos —  €27,50 (ex. fee) — Limited amount available
Fase Tres — €32,50 (ex. fee)

Breeze Crew — 3 members — 3 x €27,50 (ex. fee)
Breeze Crew — 5 members — 5 x €22,50 (ex. fee)

Door sale — €40,00 (ex. fee)

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