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Rules Breeze Festival


1. Access from 18 years old.
2. ID required.
3. On re-entry, a new entrance fee must be paid.
4. The organisation has the right to refuse people access to the accommodation or to remove them from the accommodation.
5. When entering the accommodation, a search will be made.
6. There will be checked for weapons, drugs and excessive drinking. The possession, use and/or trafficking of drugs is forbidden.
7. The possession of weapons, stabs or firearms as well as other goods that can be used as a weapon are forbidden.
8. Access to the accommodation will not be granted to people who do not comply with the clothing regulations (e.g. baseball llcabs, beachwear, sportswear).
9. No access to the accommodation will be granted to groups or people wearing clothing related to groups, groups, political affiliation or clubs. These include motorcycle clubs (jackets with reference marks), political parties, football clubs (shirts) and the like.
10. It is forbidden to enter the accommodation with the following:
Soft drugs, hard drugs, food, (alcoholic) beverages, glassware, (plastic) bottles, cans, flags, sticks, umbrellas, (domestic) animals, banners, objects with discriminatory and/or provocative texts and/or expressions, weapons of battle, stabbing, fire or impact or other objects that could be used as weapons, objects that may negatively affect the safety, health or well-being of visitors, aerosols, atomisers, fireworks, flares, means of transport, professional video, audio, recording and photographic equipment (this does not include digital compact cameras and mobile phones with a camera/photo function)
11. Bringing your own drinks and/or food is not allowed.
12. In case of excessive use of drinks, the organisation has the right to remove people from the premises.
13. The organisation is in no way liable for the loss, theft and/or damage of valuable objects and other personal possessions. You have to take care of this yourself. Keep in mind that these kinds of major public events attract pickpockets.
14. In the event of fights, all parties will be expelled.
15. The harassment of other visitors will not be tolerated.
16. Unwanted intimacy, racism and discrimination are not permitted and lead to removal.
17. When entering or suspecting a violation of the house rules in the accommodation, one automatically agrees with voluntary searches.
18. Flyers and other forms of promotion are prohibited without permission of the organisation. In case of illegal promotion, the cleaning costs will be charged to the organisation concerned.
19. Trading (in any form whatsoever) of goods without permission of the organisation is forbidden.
20. When entering the accommodation, it is automatically agreed that the video and sound recordings made during this event may be used for reports and promotional purposes of or for the organisation.
21. In case of irregularities/calamities, the security or other personnel must be warned immediately.
22. Instructions from the staff or the security department must be followed.
23. You may be refused / denied entry without the right to reimbursement of the cost of the ticket.
24. Access to the accommodation is at your own risk. If you are unwell or need hearing protection you can go to the first aid / EHBD room / bar.
25. If you do not agree with the above house rules, you will be refused admission.
26. When entering the accommodation you agree to all the above rules.

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