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Info Breeze Festival

Breeze Festival

Sunday the 23rd of June 2019 | Recreatiepark Hemelrijk, Volkel-Uden


Date:                                    Sunday the 23rd of June 2019
Time:                                    13:00 – 23:00h
Location:                             BillyBird Park Hemelrijk, Volkel-Uden
Minimum age:                    18 years


Ins-and-outs are not allowed!


Tickets for Breeze Festival 2019 (Outdoor Edition) are online available at www.salsabreeze.nl.

Fase Uno — €22,50 (ex. fee) — SOLD OUT
Fase Dos — €27,50 (ex. fee) — SOLD OUT
Fase Tres — €32,50 (ex. fee) — Available
Breeze Crew (3 members) — 3 x €27,50 (ex. fee) — SOLD OUT
Breeze Crew (5 members) — 5 x €22,50 (ex. fee) — SOLD OUT

Hardcopy tickets for Breeze Festival are available at Santiago de Cuba (Stratumseind 65, 5611 EP, Eindhoven) for €32,50.


Door sale
Tickets for Breeze Festival are available for €32,50 (ex. fee) at www.salsabreeze.nl. There will be a limited amount of door sale tickets available at the festival for €40,-.

At Breeze Festival you pay for drinks and food with tokens. You can purchase these tokens at the festival using cash or a debitcard (Maestro). Tokens cannot be exchanged for money.

Want to bring a jacker or extra shoes? There are plenty of lockers available for you to safely store your items during the day. You can buy your locker online at www.salsabreeze.nl or at the festival for €12,- (incl. €5,- deposit).

There won’t be cigarette stands on the festival site.

Lost & Found
For items that you lost during the festival, you can walk by our lost & found. This is located at the info stand near the lockers. After the event contact us with a description of your lost item, when and where you’ve lost it and if possible a picture.

Health & Safety

First aid
At the festival, our heroes at the first aid are there to help you at any time of the day. Are you not feeling well? Then head over there!

Zero Tolerance
All festivals in the Netherlands operate under a Zero tolerance policy. This means that no soft- and hard drugs are allowed at Breeze Festival.

Bring your medication
Bringing your medication is only permitted in combination with an official doctors note.

What you can’t bring
Your safety is extremely important to us. Therefore, everything and everyone is searched at the entrance (including luggage). Do you have something with you that’s on our ‘blacklist’? Then we’ll throw it away. Pay attention! In some cases, aces to the site of the festival may be denied.

You’re not allowed to bring weapons, sharp or hard objects, glass and fluids. Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed on the festival site.

How to get there

Public Transport
Traveling by bus or train to Breeze Festival? The nearest bus stop is ‘Bushalte Zeelandsedijk, Volkel’. Plan your trip via www.9292.nl.

Bike or Scooter
Staying or living nearby? In that case, cycling is most certainly the best and quickest option. Please use Zeelandsedijk 34a, Volkel as your GPS destination and follow the signs ‘Breeze Festival’. Park your bicycle in the designated area at the entrance.

Car & Parking
Traveling by car to Breeze Festival? Please use Zeelandsedijk 34a, Volkel as your GPS destination and follow the signs ‘Breeze Festival’. There are more than enough parking spots at the parking space. Parking tickets are available online for €7,50 (ex. fee) at www.salsabreeze.nl or at the parking space for €10,- (cash only!).

Kiss & Ride
If somebody is bringing you to the festival please use Zeelandsedijk 34a, Volkel as your GPS destination and follow the signs ‘Kiss & Ride’.


When entering Breeze Festival you agree to all the rules. Click here to check them.

Buy your tickets before it's too late!

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