This year our CARIBBEAN LIVE STAGE line-up consists of the best live performances. Prepare yourself to be blown away by one of the hottest Salsa Bands know worldwide Tromboranga salsa orquestra and the famous international Bachata artist Dustin Richie.

Another big name in the game, the one and only Ir-sais will make all the #DREAMGIRLS hearts beat faster during his live performance. He just released a remix of his song Dream Girl with Rauw Alejandro and it’s going viral worldwide. And last but not least, Cache Royale will make the temperature rise on the dancefloor with the best Ritmo Kombina. It will feel like Curadise, esta dushi yui! 🌴🌞

Tromboranga (live) β€’ Dustin Richie (live) β€’ Ir-Sais (live) β€’ Cache Royale (live) β€’ Jack β€’ Guillermo Reinaldo β€’ Herb β€’ MC Q-Bah

News Salsa Breeze 09.02.2020